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Wonderland Bursa 2


The feudal landlord who dominated the region during the Byzantine Empire had only one daughter.  The father loved his daughter very much, but the girl one day suddenly became ill. The cruel illness lasted too long. The doctors of that time could not find the cure for the illness of the landlord’s daughter. The doctors who were unable to find the cure for the disease advised to send the girl to the thermal spring which was unknown at that time to give her a last chance for treatment and to keep her away from the father.

They believed that the patient could not get rid of this disease.  The ill daughter was brought to this thermal spring. She was left there.  The girl who believed to have an incurable disease had a bath every day in this healing water, and then she began to heal day by day.

In a short time she turned back to her old health and beauty. After she got better, she returned to the palace of her father.  Since then the Ölyat (die-lay) thermal spring  was recognized and used as a healing resource by the local people. The healing water is still the same but its name has changed with the time and became Oy-lat. Some people in İnegöl, Bilecik, Pazaryeri, Yenisehir and İznik still call this water Ölyat.


The cave was formed by a huge collapse hall. The width of this hall which has a rise of 93 meters between its starting and ending points is between 25 and 55 meters while its ceiling heights varies between 3 and 15 meters. The last above section of the hall which consist of large blocks and giant stalactites (stalactites, stalagmites and columns) consists of a thick gravel, sand and shaft layers.  Oylat which consists of sections having different developmental and meteorological characteristics is rich in terms of biome. This biome includes wounds, binoculars, butterflies, worms and guanoles. There is a noticeable wind in the narrow galleries and passageways that connect the cave halls and floors.


Saitabat which is located 12 km far from Bursa is surrounded by green grass and plant trees. It is a canyon where the waterfall on the skirt of Uludağ is flowing.


Inegöl is a city known not only by its advanced industry, meatballs, furniture and the Oylat Thermal Spring but also it aims to be a cultural city with its historical texture.