Creating a culture of guest service excellence

The newly founded Messad Tourism plans to become one of the biggest and most successful groups of not only Istanbul but also the Middle East and Europe by going one step ahead of the change in this journey. Messad Tourism that takes into consideration the aim of the harmonization with the international standards and the continuous development in all its activities is a world character advancing step by step to its aim to catch the success it has caught in its country, around the world too.

Our organization grows fast thanks to the satisfaction of the guest we hosted. Our organization that plans to operate in many areas throughout the world pays the biggest attention to guest satisfaction therefore it gives great importance to the tourism sector.
Messad Tourism which has a wide range of products and services in the tourism sector continues to add new products and services to its field every day.


Messad group together with its employees aims to develop healthy and to provide products and services in accordance with the universal quality and standards. It intends to be the symbol of credibility, continuity and respectability within the framework of its country, customers and partners.

Our priority is to create value for our guests and to respond their expectations with quality and permanence and also our intention on this issue is to provide services beyond the expectations, to look after the quality of service and to be there for our guests after the service.

Our main aim is to be the best in quality, service, supply sources and in the offered investment options and to protect the image we have built in public. To achieve this aims, our basic principle is to undertake the domination in the areas of activity and to become a leader in this sector.

The quality of our service starts with the experience and quality of our employees. The path we have chosen is to attract and employ the best staff within our group, to benefit maximally from the talent, power and creativity of our staff, to increase their productivity, to allow them to improve and to create a working environment based on co-operations and solidarity.

Our rule is to keep up with the superior business ethics and the principles of honest working.

Our principle is to act with good intentions and understanding, and to obey the rules and ethics always to achieve fairness and mutual benefit in all our relationships.

Another essential and fundamental principle of ours is to fulfil our responsibilities towards today’s people and towards the future generation.



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