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1453 Panaroma Istanbul Museum

This museum, known as the Panorama 1453 Museum in Istanbul-Topkapı, is a panoramic venue where the conquering of Istanbul by Mehmet the Conqueror is given in a room with gun reports, the Janissary Band and neighing of Ottoman horses as sound effects.

Yedi Kule Dungeons

Built in 1458, Yedikule Dungeons is one of the oldest open-air museums of Istanbul and Turkey.

Yedikule Fortress

One of the most important works of Istanbul, Yedikule Fortress was made built as an inner castle by Mehmet the Conqueror. There is not even a trace of shelters and storehouses that have not been able to reach today in Yedikule Fortress which is in a shape of a pentagonal star. Only a part of the minaret of the small mosque which is at the center of the yard and which could stand until 1905 and the fountain in front of it can be seen. This small mosque had a neighborhood once, this neighborhood can even be seen in a painting from the XVII. Century, but it is not known when this neighborhood has been destroyed.

Places to Visit

Yedi Kule Dungeons

1453 Panorama Istanbul Museum

Yedikule Fortress

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