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Natural Bursa


The plane tree attracts the interest of not only the local but also the foreign tourists. Here you have the opportunity to have a breakfast made of seasonal fruits and the organic products of Bursa.

The plane tree is 608 years old, its diameter is 3 meters while its height is 35 meters, it has 13 main branches and 920 meters circumference.

It is the biggest tree in Turkey and provides the main source of livelihood for the villagers.


Uludağ is a place full of history which is worth visiting and experiencing rather than just reading about.  It is one of the most visited places in Turkey which welcomes local and foreign tourist every season and whose reservations are full months in advance. Let me talk about its history shortly;

Uludağ’s first name in the history was Olympos which meant “Always Shining”.  According to the sources: in 2000 BC , Uludağ was given the name Olympos since the Luvies who existed during the Hittites period.


The most beautiful part of the Zoo in Bursa is the importance and attention given to the animals which is also reflected to the visitors.  Shortly about its history; the first zoo in Bursa was opened within the Cultural Park established in 1955. For many years it has become the most important focal point of the visitors of the Cultural Park.


It is a very old settlement and has a history of about 2000 years. In 182 AC, a monk named Alex settled in the villages of Inkaya and Misi along with his companion. Additionally, it is also reported that the grave of Kavacik Sultan is situated in a rock on the mountain of the village. Today, it is believed that the water flowing through a fountain in that region is the tears of the Kavacik Sultan. The Muslims who come here to visit this place whisper their wishes here.