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CT 1 Old City Tour

Welcome to Old Istanbul.

We can say to our esteemed guests briefly for Old Istanbul:

Istanbul Old City has been the capital city of four different kingdoms for an uninterrupted period of 1600 years from 330 to 1922; Roman Empire (330-395), Byzantine Empire (395-1204, 1261-1453), Latin Empire (1204-1261) and Ottoman Empire (1453-1922).

For experiencing its most favorite history, the Old City Tour, designed by being chosen by the eyes of our precious guests, starts in the early hours of the morning and may continue until 22:00 at the latest depending optionally.

You must love to walk and take photos for the Old City Tour, also we have listed below for you the places you can visit and see.

Our Old City Tour course is listed as follows according to availability.

1st Tour

Fatih Mosque

Istanbul Fire Brigade Museum

Prince Mehmet Mausoleum

Vefa Zythum Seller

Chora Museum

Suleyman the Magnificent Mausoleum

Haseki Hurrem Sultan Mausoleum

Süleymaniye Mosque

Turkish Bath (Süleymaniye Bath)



Grand Bazaar

Beyazıt Tower

Çemberlitaş Pillar

Çemberlitaş Turkish Bath

Topkapı Palace

Soğukçeşme Street

Istanbul Archeological Museum

Hadgia Sophia Mosque Museum

Sultanahmet Square

Sultanahmet Mosque

German Fountain (Kaiser Wilhelm II )

Milion Stone

Basilica Cistern

Cağaloğlu Turkish Bath

Gülhane Park


The Big Post Office

Egyptian Bazaar

Eminönü New Mosque