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Wonderland Bursa


Saitabat which is located 12 km far from Bursa is an area surrounded by green grass and plan trees. It is a canyon where the waterfall on the skirt of Uludağ is flowing.


It is the first area in Bursa where the Ottomans settled down. It includes a total of 270 houses from which 180 are still in use and from which some are under protection. This village provides us an idea about the houses in the Ottoman period. The locals here earn the livelihoods through the products they produce; therefore the tourists who visit this place are hosted preciously.


It is a garden full of natural fruits which are specially arranged for our guests, they can collect fruits or take pictures by walking among these tree.


The Turkish delight which has a history of centuries was an essential part of the palace cuisine in the Ottoman period, but the history of the world famous flavour is actually much more ancient.

The first mass production of the Turkish delight was made in 1777 by mixing honey and fruit syrup with flour. The process of this series production changed in terms of production and taste due to the invention of refined sugar and starch in the 17th century.