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Sapanca Tour


t is organized as a day tour or if you want to stay, the tour will work with the same way and you can have opportunity to spend much more time over there.

İstanbul – Maşukiye – Sapanca – Kartepe – Naturköyü- Sopeli- Aşıklar Deresi – Hayvanat Bahçesi

After having breakfast in the hotel where we stay in the early hours, first of all, you can visit Darıca zoo, or you can take the road to Sakarya. After travelling about 2 hours, we are alone with the nature.

On the coast of the lake, you can ride a pedalo if there is. You can go for a walk around the lake, you can take a photo, you can spend time in the amusement park, or you can buy the gifts to people you love.

After our trip in Sapanca lake, we go to Naturköyü or Sopeli, a paradise corner where there are thousands different kinds of green between Maşukiye and Sapanca. These are the one of the green villages of Kocaeli.

Over here we’ll have our lunch with tile trout, meatballs or chicken, salad, drink in the restaurant where is in the green near by the stream.

After lunch, you can spend time or rest with hommock with the tea in Semaver in our restaurant’s garden.

We go to the Aşıklar Diyarı-Maşukiye like heaven where is far from the noise of city and you can see lots of green over there, and we go to the Maşukiye Valley.

Here you can walk along the creek, take part in safari activities, experience amazing flight experience with Zipline.

In authentic café you can enjoy tea against the scenery. Also, you can do many activities like that.

After Aşıklar Stream and after free time in the waterfalls, you can take a peaceful walk, buy souvenirs, spend time and take photograph on the edge of the waterfalls.

After leaving Maşukiye for approximately 25 minutes, we go to Kartepe which is the highest summit of the region. You can get on the cable car and if you are in winter you can ski here.

Our tour is over and now we have to return our warm homes. If the tour ends early, we can go to the viaport shopping center for you.

Chargeable activities you can take:

  • Pedalo (if any)
  • Bicycle riding
  • Horse riding
  • fun fair
  • ATVs
  • Ski
  • Snow engine
  • Zipline
  • Parachute
  • Zoo
  • Cable car
  • Taking photo
  • Souvenir