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The First Capital of Ottoman


It is a mosque built by Yildirim Bayezid in Bursa between 1395 and 1399 which is the largest of the architectural Works in Bursa. It is the first example where the Seljuk mosques which are built with flat roof and columns were turned into dome-shape. It has 20 domes.  There is a fountain under the open dome. Around the fountain there are sofas reserved for reading Quran.


It is located within the Yeşil (green ) neighbourhood.  It was built by Çelebi Sultan Mehmet in 1419. The Green Mosque is an example for mosques planned in the shape of a reversed T.


It was built by the son of Yıldırım Bayezid called Sultan Mehmet Çelebi  in 1421. Its architect was Hadji Ivaz Pasha. The building which has become a symbol of Bursa has a location which can be seen everywhere in the city. When I. Mehmet Celebi ordered the construction of the tomb he was still healthy but 40 days later he died.

Its door which is an art masterpiece itself was made by Ali the son of Tebrezli Ahmet by carving from a walnut tree.

Its tiled mihrab is considered to be the masterpiece of the Ottoman art of tile. The painters of the tomb were Ali bin İlyas Ali and Mehmet el Mecnun.


When Bursa was conquered, it was a Military Base on the trade route.  During the process of creating the Ottoman Bursa, inns and baths were built and a “Long Bazaar” was created under the Tahtakale. This was the birth of the Closed Bazaar, which has been destroyed by fire, earthquake and was rebuilt again and again throughout the centuries. The Closed Bazaar which is the commercial and shopping center of Bursa, has not lost its historical image yet. It is still one of the popular shopping places in Bursa.


It is known that this bazaar provides place for dress makers, candy sellers, shoemakers and knife sellers. The sale of the real estates through auction was carried out at this market also called as Suk-I Sultan.

Evliya Çelebi stated that the Long Bazaar included 9000 shops. As we have already talked about the Closed Bazaar, it is obvious that this bazaar was open at that time.


If you want we can spend some time in Bursa’s entertainment park  after we visited the historical and shopping places in Bursa.