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Legendary Bursa


The Suuçtu waterfall which is located about 17 km away from the Mustafa Kemal Pasha district of Bursa offers a nature feast with its height of 38 m. This waterfall occurred with the collapse of a fault line. The altitude of this waterfall which will make an impress on you with its natural scenery changing according to the four seasons is 464 meters. The water drops that hit your face while standing next to the waterfall will tell you where the name of this waterfall comes from. The Suuçtu waterfall which forms a whole with the nature with its loud noise, is located in the Karadere River of Bursa.


Here at the Lake Ulubat you will have the opportunity to listen to the true voice of nature, when the chorus of the birds accompanied by the frogs starts with the spring. As the migratory birds leave the region, we wait for you at another shore of the Bird’s Paradise of Mustafa Bilgiç at Çingen Çeşme at the 45th kilometer of the Bursa-Izmir highway.


The historical aesthetic and richness of Gölyazi cannot be told at once, various activities can be made and beautiful memories can be collected here. Shortly, the village of Gölyazi is a village on the bank of Lake Ulubat which is connected to Nilüfer district. There are two peninsula at the north of Lake Ulubat , and there are 7 islands within the lake, the village is connected to the island in the middle of the lake by a bridge.

Today Turks who came from Thessaloniki are living in the village which was inhabited by the Greeks until the War of Independence. People deal with agriculture and fishing.

There is an ancient city behind the hill that is on the left side of the entrance of the village. This area is entirely protected.

It is possible to make a tour around the islands with a fishing boat.

When the water is drawn around the island ruins and roots of the willow trees appears.

It is possible to watch the magnificent view of the sunset from the island. For this, the Zambak peak can be recommended as the most suitable place.


It is impossible not to wonder about the history of the tree which is a legend in Bursa. It can be explained shortly in the following way…


A Turkish man called Mehmet and a Greek girl called Eleni were in love with each other.  They always met under this plane tree…

Mehmet who saw the brother of Eleni among the people leaving Apolyomtan said that he was looking for Eleni. The brothers told Mehmet not to make things more difficult and to forget about Eleni. But Mehmet resisted and a fight broke out. Eleni’s brother Yorgi stuck his knife into Mehmet. The wounded Mehmet went into the cave of the plane tree.

Meanwhile a close friend of Eleni told her that Mehmet had a fight with her brother. Then Eleni left the convoy and went to the plane tree, where she found Mehmet dead. Eleni committed suicide there. It is said that sometimes, blood drops were falling from this plane tree.  That is why this tree is referred to as crying plane.


When we come at the end of a tiring day and we have time to see the famous shopping centre of Bursa it is possible to finish the day with a special shopping centre tour.